The Memorial Statue of Sir Richard Owen

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    SIR RICHARD OWEN'S whale has been removed from its familiar place in the Natural History Museum, and a fine bronze statue of the great naturalist, by Mr. T. Brock, R.A., now forms the most conspicuous feature on the floor of the central hall of that institution. The first view of the statue, as it is seen from the entrance to the Museum, is not prepossessing. Visitors whose business takes them to either of the departments on the ground-floor, pass by with only an uninteresting view df a skull-cap, a vertically corrugated doctor's robe, and a pair of flaps hanging from the arms, suggestive of the rigid “primaries” of a cherub's wings.

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    The Memorial Statue of Sir Richard Owen. Nature 55, 561–562 (1897) doi:10.1038/055561a0

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