Sciagraphs of British Batrachians and Reptiles1

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    ON May 5 last, Mr. G. A. Boulenger, F.R.S., reading a paper before the Zoological Society of London, on “Some little-known Batrachians from the Caucasus,” announced (cf. P.Z.S., 1896, p. 552) the first outcome of the application of the Röntgen rays to herpetological investigation, having by their aid settled the systematic position of a unique batrachian without injury to the specimen. The event aroused in the minds of Messrs. Green and Gardiner a determination to repeat the experiment on a larger scale, with the result now before us—viz. a series of sciagraphs of all the British Batrachians and Reptiles, including the rare Smooth Snake (Coronella austriaca).

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