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    THE PLANET MARS.—Prof. Schiaparelli has just published an account of his observations of Mars made during the years 1883–84. These observations are contained in the publication of the Reale Accadernia dei Lincei, 1895–96, and are accompanied by a new chart of the surface-markings and eight diagrams of the planet's disc. Of the thirty-one canals seen to develop in 1881 and 1882, only eighteen have been observed again at this opposition, while seven new ones have been noted. In the polar gap a large dark rift was seen, apparently separating the snow into two unequal portions. An examination of the chart with that published by Lowell will be found to give many interesting points of difference. In the March number of the Bulletin de la Société Astronomique de France there will be found a brief account of these observations, with reproductions of the plates in Schiaparelli's original memoir. There are added a series of drawings of the planet observations, made from, the Observatory of Juvisy, at the opposition in December last.

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