The Gravitation Constant and the Mean Density of the Earth

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    IN the year 1884, Prof. Dr. Franz Richarz and Dr. Otto Krigar-Menzel commenced a series of experiments having for their object an accurate determination of the values for the constant of gravitation and the earth's mean density. The work divided itself naturally into two parts, and the results of the first series of weighings were communicated to the Berlin Academy of Sciences in March 1893. Since that time the second series has been concluded, and the main results of the whole investigation are summed up briefly in the same society's Sitzungsberichte for November 1896, the authors leaving the publication of the full account, containing the details of the measurements, for a future period.

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    The Gravitation Constant and the Mean Density of the Earth. Nature 55, 296 (1897) doi:10.1038/055296a0

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