Method for Measuring Vapour Pressures of Liquids1

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Apparatus for realising the proposed method is represented in the accompanying diagram. Two Woolff's bottles, each having a vertical glass tube fitted airtight into one of its necks, contain the liquids the difference of whose vapour pressures is to be measured. Second necks of the two bottles are connected by a bent metal pipe, with a vertical branch for connection with an air pump, provided with three stopcocks, as indicated in the diagram. Each bottle has a third neck, projecting downwards through its bottom, stopped by a glass stopcock which can be opened for the purpose of introducing or withdrawing liquid. The upper ends of the glass tubes are also connected by short india-rubber junctions with a bent metal pipe carrying a vertical branch for connection with an air-pump. This vertical branch is provided with a metal stopcock.

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KELVIN Method for Measuring Vapour Pressures of Liquids1. Nature 55, 273–274 (1897) doi:10.1038/055273a0

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