The Bog-Slide of Knocknageeha, in the Country of Kerry

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AT about three a.m. on Monday, December 28, 1896, a catastrophe occurred some twelve miles northeast of Killarney, of which mention has been already made in these columns (NATURE, vol. lv. p. 205). A bog gave way at its lower edge, and precipitated itself as a black peaty flood into the valley of the Ownacree River. In the upper part of its course it unfortunately overwhelmed the cottage of Cornelius Donnelly, carrying away the structure and its eight occupants. Five of the bodies were recovered, with considerable difficulty, by January 3, when the mass had come practically to a standstill. In the lower part of its course, it flooded a number of farm-lands upon the slopes of the valley, and seriously threatened the cottage of Jeremiah Lyne, rising some five feet against its wall. Even at the junction of the Ownacree and the Flesk, one of the great feeders of the Lower Lake of Killarney, the banks were smeared over with a peaty mud, ten miles from the point of origin of the bog-slide; while a quantity of the material was carried another nine miles west into the Lower Lake itself.


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    Phil. Mag., vol. xxvi. p. 88, 1888.

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