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American lournal of Science, October.—On the rate of condensation in the steam-jet, by A. de Forest Palmer. Photographs of a vertical steam-jet were obtained with the aid of sunlight. The invisible portion has the general shape of the inner mantle of a Bunsen flame, and its outline depends upon the pressure of the jet and the velocity with which the condensation travels towards the nozzle. The author finds that the separation surface of the invisible portion is sharply marked, and that it oscillates up and down. The demarcation is probably due to the fact that the instantaneous heat of condensation is able to superheat the supersaturated steam as it arrives at the surface. The velocity of condensation increases markedly with the pressure; and since the initial velocity of the jet and the rate of decrease of its velocity in ascending also increase with the pressure, the amplitude of the oscillations decreases with it.—Abnormal hickory nuts, by F. H. Herrick.

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