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The November Meteors

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AS the lapse of time brings us nearer to the maximum of these phenomena, the interest in this branch of astronomy is intensified, and our liveliest expectations encouraged. These meteors only return in their richest abundance once in thirty-three years, so that the spectacle they afford can only be witnessed once in a generation. It is true that the shower may be manifested in a pretty conspicuous manner in several successive years, but only one really brilliant exhibition is usually seen, as on the mornings of November 13,1799, and 1833, and November 14, 1866. Two years before the maximum and three years after it, striking displays have occurred, and show that the orbit of the meteors is very thickly strewn with these bodies over a considerable arc, since it takes six years for them to cross the earth's track, though travelling at the rate of about twenty-six miles per second.

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