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THE SOLAR ROTATION.—In the August number of the Astrophysical Journal there is a brief summary of the work being done at John Hopkins University by Mr. Lewis Jewell. These researches dealt with the question of the solar rotation, and Mr. Jewell's recent work in measuring a large number of lines in photographs of the solar spectrum has brought out, as is stated, a new and remarkable peculiarity in the law of the solar rotation. The following is a brief extract of the note in question. “It is found that there is a difference of several days in the rotation periods of the outer and inner portions of the sun's atmosphere, the period increasing as the photosphere is approached. The measures also show the equatorial acceleration to be much the greatest for the outer portions of the atmosphere. At the lower levels the acceleration is small, there being little difference in the periods for different latitudes. It is further found that the carbon (cyanogen) lines and the shaded portions of H and K take their rise very low down in the solar atmosphere. Mr. Jewell is at present engaged upon the reduction of the measures.”

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