The Conway Expedition to Spitzbergen

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THE expedition organised by Sir Martin Conway for the exploration of the interior of Spitzbergen left London on June 2, and first sighted the island on June 17, the exact tercentenary of its discovery by Barentz. The northern ice sheet having broken up exceptionally early this year, the floes off the western coast of Spitzbergen were unusually heavy, and somewhat delayed the arrival in Advent Bay. The expedition landed the stores there on June 20. In accordance with the plan of operations arranged, the members divided into two parties: one party, consisting of Sir Martin Conway, Mr. E. J. Garwood, a well-known geologist and Alpine photographer, and the writer, proceeded to cross Spitzbergen to the east coast. The other party, composed of Mr. Trevor Battye, the ornithologist with the expedition, and Mr. H. E. Conway, the artist, cruised about Ice Fjord and its two chief bays, in order to collect birds and make sketches.

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GREGORY, J. The Conway Expedition to Spitzbergen. Nature 54, 437–438 (1896) doi:10.1038/054437a0

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