“Rana Esculenta” in Kincardineshire


WHEN on a brief visit to Kincardineshire last month, I was surprised to find R. esculenta in considerable numbers at a few places which I visited. I found the frogs in pools beside the Bervie, and also in places several miles away. One of these was a small isolated bog. Mr. George Sim, of Aberdeen, who is well acquainted with the fauna of Kincardineshire, was unaware of the existence of this frog in the county until I called his attention to it. In 1837 and 1842 large numbers of these animals were introduced into England, but I have not heard of a similar introduction into Scotland. It does not seem probable that the frog should itself have migrated so far north. When a thorough examination of the district has been made, it may be found that the animal is widely distributed.

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WHITE, P. “Rana Esculenta” in Kincardineshire. Nature 53, 581 (1896). https://doi.org/10.1038/053581d0

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