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    Bulletin of the American Ma'hematical Society, vol. i. No. 8 (May 1895).—Kinetic stability of central orbits, by Prof. Woolsey Johnson, contains an investigation, of an elementary character, of a problem not discussed in the fourth edition (p. 125) of Tait and Steel's “Dynamics of a Particle.” It is a satisfactory discussion of the problem so far as it relates to central orbits. The note was read before the Society at its April meeting.—Dr. J. Pierpont, in a short paper, read before the Yale Mathematical Club, entitled “Lagrange's place in the Theory of Substitution,” though he cannot vindicate Lagrange's right to the title of creator of the theory of substitutions, presents a few examples of his methods in order to show the importance of considering him from this point of view. “Lagrange was led to the study of this theory by his attempts to solve equations of degree higher than the fourth.”—Gauss's third proof of the fundamental theorem of algebra, by Prof. Bôcher, indicates the connection between Gauss's third proof that every algebraic equation has a root and those branches of mathematics which have since been developed under the names of the theory of functions and the theory of the potential. The notes, among other details, give the different courses of lectures in mathematics at American and European colleges.—There is the usual long list of new publications.

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