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    LONDON. Chemical Society, May 16.—Mr. A. G. Vernon Harcourt, President, in the chair.—The following papers were read:—Kjeldahl's. method for the determination of nitrogen, by B. Dyer. The author describes an exhaustive series of experiments made with the various modifications of Kjeldahl's process in order to ascertain their applicability to organic nitrogen compounds of different types.—Note on liquation in crystalline standard gold, by T. K. Rose.—Preparation of the active lactic acids, and the rotation of their metallic salts in solution, by T. Purdie and J. W. Walker. The optical activity of the metallic lactates in aqueous solution is in the opposite sense to that of the active acid from which they are derived; cryoscopic determinations made with the lithium and strontium lactates show that the racemic form is resolved into the two active ones in aqueous solution.—Derivatives of succinyl and phthalyl dithio-carbimides, by A. E. Dixon and R. E. Doran.

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