A Spectroscopic Proof of the Meteoric Constitution of Saturn's Rings

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    THE hypothesis that the rings of Saturn are composed of an immense multitude of comparatively small bodies, revolving around Saturn in circular orbits, has been firmly established since the publication of Maxwell's classical paper in 1859. The grounds on which the hypothesis is based are too well known to require special mention. All the observed phenomena of the rings are naturally and completely explained by it, and mathematical investigation shows that a solid or fluid ring could not exist under the circumstances in which the actual ring is placed.


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      Abridged from a paper, by Prof. James K. Keeler, in the Astrophysical Journal for May.

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    A Spectroscopic Proof of the Meteoric Constitution of Saturn's Rings. Nature 52, 164–165 (1895) doi:10.1038/052164a0

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