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    Chemical Society, March 15.—Dr. Armstrong, President, in the chair.—The folloning papers were read:—Formal-doxime, by W. R. Dunstan and A. L. Bossi. Formaldoxime has previously only been known as a gas or in solution; the authors have obtained it as a colourless liquid boiling at 84°− ;85°. —Derivatives of camphene containing halogens, by J. E. Marsh and J. A. Gardner. Chlorocamphene, C10H15Cl, is prepared by distilling camphene dichloride, and bromocamphene is obtained by the action of bromine and phosphorous chloride on camphor—A sulphate of oxamide, by J. E. Marsh. A hot solution of oxamide in strong sulphuric acid deposits crystals of oxamide disulphate (CONH2,H2SO4)2, on cooling.—Fluoplumbates and free fluorine, by B. Br uner.

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