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    American Meteorological Journal, April.—“Storms of the Gulf of Mexico and their prediction,” by W. D. Stearns. Many of the storms which enter the United States from the Gulf of Mexico are very destructive, and give scarcely any indication of their approach by means of the barometer. The author has made a special study of local conditions and cloud movements which preceded a number of storms in 1892 and 1893, and thinks that by those means their presence may be detected in every case some hours in advance of their arrival. Notes are given of the phenomena preceding several storms.— A new chart of equal annual ranges of temperature, by J. L. S. Connolly. The chart was constructed on the basis of Dr. Buchan's “Challenger” isothermal charts. It shows that the torrid zone is, on the whole, a region of moderate annual range of temperature, while the north temperate zone has extreme variations compared with the south temperate. The effects of solar and terrestrial radiation are well shown; in northern Asia there is a range of 120°, and of 80° in the northern part of North America.

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