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    Bulletin of the New York Mathematical Society, vol. iii. No. 5.—Prof. Klein's recent visit to Chicago was taken advantage of by American mathematicians. One of the most interesting results was the publication of twelve lectures on mathematics, with the title of “The Evanston Colloquium.” An abstract of the contents of this work, by H. S. White, occupies pp. 119–122 of the present number. L. E. Dickson contributes a note on the number of inscriptible regular polygons (pp. 123–125). E. M. Blake (pp. 125–127) writes upon the “Bibliography of Mathematical Dissertations.” His remarks are based upon two recently issued works, viz. “Catalogues des Thèses de Sciences soutenues en France de 1810 à 1890 inclusivement, par A. Marie (1892),” and “Verzeichnis der Seit 1850 an den Deutschen Universitäten erschienenen Doctor-Dissertation en und Habilitationsschriften aus der reinen und Augewandten Mathematik” (München, 1892). The Paris dissertations are 701 in number, and the departments furnish 172 more. The German work gives references to 939 dissertations. Both books supply a want which has long been felt, for most of these dissertations' appear unannounced at irregular intervals; and are with difficulty run to earth. The remaining article is on the teaching of mathematics in the secondary schools (pp. 127—130), and consists of an extract from the report rendered to the National Educational Society, December 1893, by the Committee on Secondary School Studies.

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