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    AT the coming meeting of the British Association, which will be held at Oxford, under the Presidency of Lord Salisbury, Prof. A. W. Rücker will preside in Section A (Mathematics and Physics); Prof. H. B. Dixon in Section B (Chemistry); Mr. L. Fletcher in Section C (Geology); Prof. Bayley Balfour in Section D (Biology); Captain Wharton in Section E (Geography); Prof. Bastable in Section F (Economic Science and Statistics); Prof. Kennedy in Section G (Mechanical Science); Sir W. H. Flower in Section H (Anthropology); and Prof. Schäfer in the new Section I (Physiology). The evening discourses will be delivered by Prof. J. Shield Nicholson and Mr. W. H. White. Sir Douglas Gallon will be proposed as President for the meeting in 1895, at Ipswich.

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