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    THURSDAY, MARCH 1. ROYAL SOCIETY, at 4.30.—Preliminary Note on Bi-lateral Degeneration in the Spinal Cord of Monkeys (Macacus sinicus) following Uni-lateral Lesion of the Cortex Cerebri: Dr. E. L. Mellus.—On the Effect of Magnetisation upon the Dimensions of Wires and Rings of Annealed Iron: S. Bidwell, F.R.S.—On the Relations of the Secular Variation af the Magnetic Declination and Inclination at London, Cape of Good Hope, St. Helena, and Ascension Island, as exhibited on the Magnetarium: H. Wilde, F.R.S.—Terrestrial Refraction in the Western Himalayan Mountains: General Walker, F.R.S.—Researches on the Structure, Organisation, and Classification of the Fossil Reptilia—Part IX., Section 1, On the Therosuchia; Section 2, The Reputed Mammals from the Karroo Formation of Cape Colony i Section 3, On Diademodon; Section 5, On the Skeleton in New Cynodontia from the Karroo Rocks: Prof. Seeley, F.R.S.—On a Spherical Vortex: Prof. M. J. M. Hill.—On Correlation of certain External Parts of Palæmon serratus: H. Thompson.

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