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Booxs.—Julius Cæsar, with Introduction and Notes, &c.: W. Dent (Blackie).—Heat and the Principtes of Thermodynamics: C. H. Draper (Blackie) —Hydrostatics and Pneumatics: R. H. Pinkerton (Blackie).—The Eternents of Hypnotism: R. H. Vincent (K. Paul).—Handbook of British Hepanicm: Dr. M. C. Cooke (Allen).—Helicat Gears, a Foreman Pattern Maker (Whittaker).—Choix et Usage des Objectifa Photographiques: E. Wallon (Paris, Gauthier.Villars).—Geologic Atlas of the United States, Hawley Sheet, Massachusetts (Washington).—Jubilé de M. Pasteur (Paris. Gauthier Vittars).—Marveiltes de la Nature, La Terre avant l'Appanition de 1'Homme: F. Priem (Paris, Bailtière).—Specola Vaticana, Classificazione detle Nuhi (Roma, Tipografia Vaticana).—Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes: Rev. T. W. Webb, 5th edition, vol.1 (Longmans).

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