Official Catalogue of the Exhibition of the German Empire at the Columbian Universal Exhibition in Chicago

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    GERMANY, not unmindful that America is her best customer, will be worthily represented at Chicago. An elaborate catalogue, in the German language, has already appeared, and an English translation will shortly be published. We have been favoured with an advance copy of the latter, which is by no means a mere enumeration of exhibits. It contains a general introduction, and a number of original articles by leading experts, “intended to supply for each department a concisely descriptive survey of its development and present condition.” There is also, in German and English, a special Guide to the collective exhibition of the German chemical industry, containing historical and statistical notices of every exhibiting firm. Generally the effort of the editor, and the commission which he represents, has been to convey to the American people and to the world a faithful picture of a state of development of the industrial arts in Germany, which may well inspire,in the English reader, impressions of a mixed order, pleasure in the contemplation of a great national growth, based upon a true conception of the right methods, and regret that in our own country a similiar consummation still appears a great way off. The selection, as editor of this publication, of the eminent chemist, Dr. Otto N. Witt, professor of technology at the great Berlin Polytechnicum, is in itself a forecast of its scope and purpose, and an evidence of the position which the man of pure science occupies in official Germany. To summarise in the briefest manner the work which he and his collaborators have given to the world would carry us far beyond the limits of this article. There are two points, however, of paramount interest, to which we desire to call attention, the one social—political, not to say socialistic, the other industrial—both of national importance.

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    Official Catalogue of the Exhibition of the German Empire at the Columbian Universal Exhibition in Chicago. Nature 48, 176–178 (1893) doi:10.1038/048176c0

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