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HAD it not been for the unnecessary and indiscreet communication to the newspapers of a letter not intended for the public eye, the difference of opinion which made itself manifest at Burlington House last Thursday might have been settled in a purely domestic manner. As it was, it gave rise to comments which, in most cases, were as absurd as they were painful to the persons concerned. But the mischief is done and it would be affectation to deny that a question of considerable moment has been raised and one which will very probably provoke in the future a good deal of discussion and consideration. Clearly, therefore, it has to be faced, and I willingly accede to the wish of the Editor of NATURE to state why I think the policy of the dissentients should not be accepted by the general body of the Fellows of the Royal Society.

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THISELTON-DYER, W. The Royal Society Election. Nature 48, 121–123 (1893) doi:10.1038/048121a0

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