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    OXFORD.—The number of entries for the Honour School of Natural Science this year is 41, which compares favourably with past years, the highest number of candidates who obtained a place in the class list in any previous year being 31 in 1891 and 1886. There are also 51 candidates for the preliminary examinations in Science. Comparing these numbers with those of the candidates in other subjects, we find Literæ Humaniores 136 candidates, History 108, Law 70, Theology 65, and Mathematics 14. Of the 41 candidates who seek Honours in Natural Science 5 offer Physics, 21 Chemistry, 13 Animal Physiology, 1 Botany, and 1 Geology. It is remarkable that there is no candidate offering Animal Morphology.

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    University and Educational Intelligence. Nature 48, 114–115 (1893) doi:10.1038/048114b0

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