A Modern Revival of Prouts Hypothesis1


IT frequently happens in the history of science that the line of thought engendered by one branch of study proves applicable in a totally distinct field. In accordance with this principle a great stimulus is occasionally given in some particular line of research by the encroachment of an investigator who brings the vitalizing ideas derived from his own work to bear upon a new subject. It was with some such notions as these that we were predisposed to welcome Mr. Wilde's attempt to deal with the greatest of all the problems presented by modern chemistry, but a careful consideration of the author's views has, we regret to say, left us in a state of disappointment for reasons which we will endeavour to explain to the readers of NATURE.


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MELDOLA, R. A Modern Revival of Prouts Hypothesis1. Nature 46, 568–571 (1892). https://doi.org/10.1038/046568a0

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