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    THE autumn meeting of the Iron and Steel Institute was held last week in Liverpool, under the presidency of Sir Frederick Abel. The meeting was fairly successful on the whole, although the weather marred some of the excursions, and the last day's sitting was simply wasted time. The following is a list of the papers read:—“On the Manufacture of Iron in its Relations with Agriculture,” by Sir Lowthian Bell; “On an Apparatus for Autographically Recording the Temperature of Furnaces,” by Prof. W. C. Roberts-Austen; “On the Alloys of Iron and Chromium,” by R. A. Hadfield (Sheffield); “On the Liverpool Overhead Railway,” by J. H. Greathead; “On the Engineering Laboratories in Liverpool,” by Prof. H. S. Hele-Shaw; “On the Failures in the Necks of Chilled Rolls,” by Charles A. Winder (Sheffield); “On a New Process for the Elimination of Sulphur,” by E. Saniter (Wigan); “On the Elimination of Sulphur from Iron,” by J. E. Stead (Middles-borough). A paper on the basic Siemens process, by Mr. Kupelwieser, of Witkowitz, was also on the list, but was adjourned until the Spring Meeting of next year.

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