The Imperial Institute at St. Petersburg1

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IN November, 1885, some months after the publication of Pasteur's discovery for the treatment of hydrophobia, an officer of the Russian Guards was bitten by a rabid dog. This officer having been sent to Paris to undergo the treatment, his Highness Prince Alexander Petrowitch d'Oldenburg established, at his own expense, a provincial laboratory at St. Petersburg, where Pasteur's treatment could be duly carried out. This establishment, however, soon proved to be too small for scientific investigations to be properly carried out therein, and it was decided to build a large laboratory in which researches might be made under the best possible conditions; accordingly the same enlightened nobleman bought a piece of ground of 37,464 square metres in extent, on which the present Institute is built.

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RUFFER, M. The Imperial Institute at St. Petersburg1. Nature 46, 520 (1892) doi:10.1038/046520a0

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