A Century of Scientific Work

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    EVERYONE interested in science is aware that the “Société de Physique et d' Histoire Naturelle de Genève” has won for itself an honoured place among the learned Societies of the Continent. Work of the highest interest and importance has been done by many of its ordinary members, and the list of its honorary members includes a very large number of the investigators who, in different parts of Europe, have contributed most effectually to scientific progress. Some time ago this excellent Society celebrated the hundredth anniversary of its foundation, and an interesting supplementary volume has now been issued in memory of the occasion. To this volume Dr. A. H. Wartmann contributes a sketch of the Society's history, and it may be worth while to note some of the facts he has recorded.

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    A Century of Scientific Work. Nature 46, 504 (1892) doi:10.1038/046504a0

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