The Planet Venus

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M. E. L. TROUVELOT has published a most important and extensive paper on some observations of the planets Venus and Mercury, which for many years past have been occupying his attention. The physical features of the other planets have been treated on previous occasions in like manner, and have extended our knowledge very considerably, so that the reader of this work will be sure to find something really new in the great number of observations that are here recorded. Up to the month of April, 1882, the observations were made at Cambridge, United States; but since then Meudon has been the seat of operations; the air at the latter place did not prove so pure as that in the States, and the horizon not being so open, the number of observations of course was somewhat reduced.

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L., W. The Planet Venus. Nature 46, 468–471 (1892) doi:10.1038/046468a0

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