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    Royal Society of Victoria, Vol. 3 (N.S.), Proceedings, Part I, contains Notes on West Australian oology, by A. J. Campbell (Pls. 1 and 2); On some Victorian fishes, with descriptions of Cristiceps wilsoni, C. phillipi, Syngnathus phillipi, and Tripterygium madeayanum (Pl. 3) by A. H. Lucas; Anthropology in Australia, by A. W. Howitt; On the nomenclature of chick-embryos (Pls. 4-7). Instead of indicating the stages in the development of the chick by the number of hours or days, which is unsatisfactory, as different eggs incubated for the same length of time will frequently be found to contain embryos which have reached quite different stages of development, the stages are marked based upon the external form, and each is designated by a letter of the alphabet. On some Victorian Land Planarians, by Prof. W. B. Spencer (Pls. 11 and 12), enumerates ten species of Geoplana and describes G. dendyi, sp. n., and G. frosti, sp. n.; all the species are figured in two admirably executed coloured plates. On the movements of the heart of Hoplocephalus superbus in and out of the body, by Dr. McAlpine; On a Nematode from the stomach of Hoplocephalus superbus, and on a fluke parasitic in the respiratory and alimentary systems of the same. Neither parasites are named but the Nematode (Ascaris) is figured on pl. 8. On the presence of amœboid corpuscles in the liquid discharged from the nephridial apertures and oral papillæ of Peripatus, by A. Dendy; On the shell money of New Britain, by R. H. Rickard; On the Dukduk Association of New Britain; Notes on the miocene strata of Jemmy's Point and on the older tertiary at Bairnsdale, by J. Dennant. Some new or little known Polzyoa, by P. H. MacGillivray (Pls. 9 and 10); Notes on the marine rocks underlying Warrnambool, by G. S. Griffiths.

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