Coco-nut Beetles


    THE destruction of coco-nuts in the Straits Settlements by insects has been so great that of late much attention has been given to the question. Perhaps the most important contribution that has yet been made to our knowledge of these pests is a recent report by Mr. H. N. Ridley, Director of Forests and Gardens at Singapore, on the destruction of coco-nut palms by beetles, which has been printed by the Government and issued from the Colonial Secretary's Office. There are, Mr. Ridley says, two species of beetles which are especially destructive to coco-nut palms. The first is the Oryctes rhinoceros, commonly known as the rhinoceros, elephant, or black beetle, and the other the Rhynchophorus ferrugineus, known as the red beetle. Two other larger species of Calandra attack some palms at Singapore, but Mr. Ridley has not received any notice of their attacking coco-nuts.

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