The Flora of the Revillagigedo Islands


THE somewhat peculiar flora of Lower California, as revealed by comparatively recent American ex plorations, aroused the curiosity of botanists concerning the probable composition of the vegetation of the Revillagigedo group of islands, situated between 18° and 19° N. lat., off the west coast of Mexico. During the spring of 1889, the United States Fish Commission steamer Albatross visited the two principal islands, Socorro and Clarion; and Dr. G. Vasey and Mr. J. N. Rose have just published the results of their investigations of a collection of dried plants made in these islands by Mr. C. H. Townsend, the ornithologist of the expedition. A less interesting flora could hardly be imagined, if this be a fair sample of it; but on this point the report in question affords no information whatever. Considering the distance of the islands from the nearest points of the continent, and the size of the principal island, a flora possessing some peculiarities might have been expected, and possibly the few dried plants brought away by Mr. Townsend by no means represent the flora, either as to quantity or as to quality.

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HEMSLEY, W. The Flora of the Revillagigedo Islands. Nature 43, 471 (1891) doi:10.1038/043471a0

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