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    PHOTOGRAPHIC SPECTRUM OF THE SUN AND ELEMENTS.—The Johns Hopkins University Circular, No. 85, issued last month, contains Prof. Rowland's report of progress in spectrum work. The spectra of all known elements, with the exception of a few gaseous ones, or those too rare to be yet obtained, have been photographed in connection with the solar spectrum, from the extreme ultra-violet down to the D line, and eye-observations have been made on many to the limit of the solar spectrum. A table of standard wave-lengths of the impurities in the carbon poles extending to wave-length 2000, has been constructed to measure wave-lengths beyond the limits of the solar spectrum. In addition to this, maps of the spectra of some of the elements have been drawn up on a large scale, ready for publication, and the greater part of the lines in the map of the solar spectrum have been identified. The following rough table of the solar elements has been constructed entirely according to Prof. Rowland's own observations, although, of course, most of them have been given by others:—

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