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    THIS is a volume of 51 pages, consisting of “the necessary notes, reactions, and analytical tables constantly required for reference” by students preparing for the elementary stage examination of the Department of Science and Art in practical inorganic chemistry. As only seven bases and four acids are included in the syllabus, and the mixtures given are soluble in water or dilute acids, the scope of the volume is very limited. The author begins by stating the possible number and character of the constituents of mixtures that come within the range of the syllabus, and then gives a list of all the substances available for the examiners to make the mixtures from. Then follow lists of reactions and tables of methods. After these is a quotation from the published description of that part of the examination that consists of questions to be answered, and as the examiners state that “the value of the answers will be greatly enhanced by neatness and clearness of sketches,” the author proceeds to give “the sketches required,” a series of 21 figures all duly labelled, and which presumably includes very sketch that can possibly be needed. The student is recommended to practice copying the figures until he “can draw the apparatus neatly and accurately.”

    Practical Inorganic Chemistry.

    By E. J. Cox (London: Percival and Co., 1890.)

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