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On the Anatomy and Development of Apteryx


    IN a paper read before the Royal Society on April 17 of this year, Prof. T. Jeffery Parker, F.R.S., of Otago University, gives an account of his researches on the anatomy and development of the Kiwi (Apteryx) which are of especial interest, as so few detailed observations have been recorded on the development of any of the flightless birds (Ratitæ). Moreover, the comparisons which are given of the different species of Apteryx; the account of the sexual differences, and the variations seen within the same species; and the tables showing the relative proportions of the various regions of the body in different stages of development, illustrating the “law of growth,” add greatly to our knowledge of this remarkable genus. A number of new terms are proposed in the description of the skeleton, and a new method of writing the vertebral formula of birds is adopted. Notes are given with regard to the presence of uncinate processes and to the structure of the foot in Dinornis.

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