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The Cell Theory, Past and Present

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    I. IN taking the chair at the first general meeting of the Scottish Microscopical Society, I would offer to the members my hearty thanks for having done me the honour to choose me as the President under whom the work of the Society is to be inaugurated, and during whose incumbency the Society is to begin to substantiate its claim to have an existence amongst the scientific Societies in Scotland.


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      Samuel Hoole, who translated many of Leeuwenhoek's writings (London, 1799, part 2, p. 178), when describing Fig. II, on, says that the globules of meal are enclosed as it were in cells, and that some of those cells are represented at H in the figure, Leeuwenhoek, himself, however, in his description of the same figure("Epistolæ physiologicæ," Delpis, 1719, p. 25 does not use the word cellula.

    2. 2

      "Theoria Generationis," editio nova, 1774; Commentary "Ueberdie Nutritionskraft," by Blumenbach and Born, St. Petersburg, 1789

    3. 3

      See is essay "Sur la structure primitive du corps animal" in his "Traité sur le vénin de la Vipére," Florence, 1781(Pl. viii., Figs. 19,20).

    4. 4

      "Organs and Mode of Fecundation in Orchideæ and Asclepiadeæ," Trans Linn. Soc., vol. xvi., 1833; reprinted in "Miscellaneous Botanical Works," vol. i. p. 511. Ray Society edition.

    5. 5

      "Mikroskopische Untersuchungen," 1839; and preliminary notices in Froriep's Notizen, 1838.

    6. 6

      "Allgemeine Anatomie," Leipzig, 1841; also French translation by Jourdan in "Encyclopédie Anatomique," vols. vi., vii., Paris, 1843.

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      Phil. Trans., vols. cxxviii.-cxxxi. The value which was attached to these memoirs at the time may be estimated by the fact that the Royal Society of London awarded to their auhor in 1839 one of the Royal Medals. The neglect into which Dr. Barry's writings have since fallen is largely due to the disbelief in his subsequent descriptions of the sprial structure of muscular fibre, of blood-corpuscles, and indeed of the elements of the tissues generally.

    8. 8

      " On Secreting Structures," Trans. Roy. Soc. Edin., 1842; " On Peyer's Glands," London and Edinburgh Monthly Journal, April 1842; "On Structure of Human Kidney," ibid., May 1842; "Anatomical an logical Observations," Edinburgh, 1845; also, his collected papers in "Anatomical Memoirs," Edinburgh, 1868, edited by W. Turner.

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