Proposed Memorial of Dr. Joule


    A PUBLIC meeting was held on Monday in the Mayor's parlour at the Town Hall, Manchester, for the purpose of considering the proposal to erect a memorial of the late Dr. James Prescott joule. The meeting was convened in response to a memorial influentially signed by residents in Manchester, Salford, and the neighbouring country who desire that the “deep sense of the benefits conferred on mankind for all time, as well as of the great honour which accrues to this district, by the scientific work of the late James Prescott Joule should be marked by the erection of some durable memorial of him in the city.” The meeting was very numerously and influentially attended. The Mayor of Manchester presided, and amongst those present were Sir H. E. Roscoe, M.P., Mr. J. W. Maclure, M.P., Dr. Ward (Vice-Chancellor of the Vicoria University), Dr. Greenwood (Principal of the Owens College), Prof. Osborne Reynolds, Prof. Munro, Dr. Tatham, Mr. F. J. Faraday, and many others.

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