Magnetism and Electricity


    ALTHOUGH elementary text-books of physics continue to increase in number, there is still room for one of such general excellence as Prof. Jamieson's elementary manual. The book is specially arranged for the use of first year Science and Art Department and other electrical students. Numerous questions and specimen answers are distributed throughout the book, and though this may be rather suggestive of cram, there is nothing in the text to justify such a suggestion. It is unnecessary to go into details, but it may be stated that the arrangement of subjects is as good as it well can be, and on the whole the descriptions are very clear. The numerous diagrams are also excellent, those of the mariner's compass being especially good; indeed, the whole chapter on terrestrial magnetism is the best elementary account of the subject which has come under our notice.

    Magnetism and Electricity.

    Part I. Magnetism. By Andrew Jamieson (London: Griffin and Co., 1889.)

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