Fossil Rhizocarps


IN Bennet and Murray's “Cryptogamic Botany,” at p. 115, I am surprised to find in a reference to my paper on “Fossil Rhizocarps” (in Bull. Ac. Sciences, Chicago) the statement, with reference to the macrospores of Protosalvinia, that “inasmuch as they are borne on Lepidodendron scales this reference is inadmissible.” Now no such fact has come to my knowledge, and on the contrary these bodies are found inclosed in cellular sporocarps like those of Salvinia, and are so described in the paper in question. If anyone has found them on “scales of Lepidodendron,” the authority should have been stated.

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DAWSON, J. Fossil Rhizocarps. Nature 41, 10 (1889).

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