MR. ROMANES states that it is “absurd” to call his essay on physiological selection an elaborate (I said “laborious”) attack upon Mr. Darwin's theory of the origin of species. In that essay I find these words (p. 345), “the theory of natural selection has been misnamed: it is not strictly speaking a theory of the origin of species”; and on p. 403, “the theory of physiological selection [i.e. Dr. Romanes's theory] has this advantage over every other theory that has ever been propounded on the origin species”; and again, “the problem of the origin of species which, as shown in the preceding paper [viz. the laborious essay], his [Mr. Darwin's] theory of natural selection serves only in small part to explain.”

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LANKESTER, E. Darwinism. Nature 41, 9 (1889). https://doi.org/10.1038/041009c0

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