Coral Formations


MR. G. C. BOURNE'S observations, as far as described in last week's NATURE (p. 414), appear to corroborate fully the view that corals grow more rapidly and luxuriantly on those parts of a reef or bank where there is an abundant supply of food, and only in scattered patches where the food supply is limited or where there is a quantity of sand or other inorganic materials in the currents. He states his belief that “the favourable conditions are due to the action of currents on coral growth.” If it be not the food in these great oceanic currents, then Mr. Bourne should tell us what it is in “the action of currents” bathing the outer slopes of a reef that renders them favourable to growth; does he hold to the old view of more oxygen in the water?

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MURRAY, J. Coral Formations. Nature 37, 438 (1888).

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