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LONDON. Entomological Society, August 3.—Dr. D. Sharp, President, in the chair.—Mr. J. W. Peers and Mr. R. G. Lynam were elected Fellows.—Jonkeer May, the Dutch Consul-General, exhibited a pupa and two imagos of Cecidomyia destructor (Hessian fly) which had been submitted to him by the Agricultural Department.—Mr. W. White exhibited, and made remarks on, a specimen of Philampelus satcllitia, Linn., from Florida, with supposed fungoid excrescences from the eyes. Mr. Stainton said he was of opinion that the supposed fungoid growth might be the pollinia of an Orchis. Mr. Poulton ex-Dressed a similar opinion, and the discussion was continued by Mr. Pascoe and Dr. Sharp.—Mr. White also exhibited a specimen of Catephia alchymista, bred from a pupa collected last autumn on the south coast.—Mr. McLachlan sent for exhibition a number of oak-leaves infested by Phylloxera punctata, Lichtenstein, which he had received from Dr. Maxwell Masters, F.R. S.—Mr. Champion exhibited two rare species of Cupculionidœ from the Isle of Wight—viz. one specimen of Baridius analis, and a series of Cathormiocerus socius. He remarked that C. marititmus, Rye, had been placed in recent European Catalogues as a synonym of the last-named species, but that this was an error. He also exhibited a series of Cicindela germanica, from Blackgang.—M. A. Wailly exhibited, and made remarks on, a number of living larvæ of Antherœa pernyi, A. mylitta, Telea polyphemus, Platymmia cecropia, Attacus cynthia, Callosamia promethea, and other silk-producing species. He also exhibited imagos of the above species, imagos of Antherœa yama-mai, and a number of species of Diurni from Sarawak.—Mr. Poulton exhibited crystals of formate of lead obtained by collecting the secretion of the larva of Dicranura vinula on 283 occasions. The secretion had been mixed with distilled water in which oxide of lead was suspended. The latter dissolved, and the acid of the secretion being in excess the normal formate was produced. Prof, Meldola promised to subject the crystals to combustion, so that their constitution would be proved by the final test.

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