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On Radiant-Matter Spectroscopy:—Examination of the Residual Glow 1

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    II. IN the search for bodies giving discontinuous phosphorescent spectra I have submitted a great number of earths and combinations to the electric discharge in vacuo, and have noted the results. As the superficial phosphorescence apart from the composition of the emitted light has formed the subject of several recent papers by my friend M. Lecoq de Boisbaudran, before the Académie des Sciences, it may be useful if I place on record some of the more striking facts which have thus come under my notice. The bodies are arranged alphabetically, and, unless otherwise explained, were tested in the radiant-matter tube in the form of ignited sulphates.


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      Paper read before the Royal Society by Mr. William Crookes, F.R.S., on February 17. Continued from p. 428.

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      This is the band spoken of in my Royal Society paper of June 9 last (Roy. Soc. Proc. vol. xl. 1886, p. 507), provisionally called S, and ascribed to ytterbia. If it is not due to ytterbia it is a new body.

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