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    PERIODICAL COMETS IN 1886.—Of the now somewhat numerous list of comets of short period, two will be due at perihelion in the ensuing year:—(1) The comet Tempel-Swift, or 1869 III. and 1880 IV., which is likely to return under circumstances that will render observations impracticable, so far at least as a judgment can be formed without actual calculation of the perturbations. (2) Winnecke's comet, last observed in 1875, its track in the heavens near the perihelion passage in December 1880 not allowing of the comet being seen at that return; the perturbabations may be very sensible during the present revolution: neglecting their effect, the mean motion determined by Prof. Oppolzer, for 1880, would bring the comet to perihelion again about August 24.5, under which condition its path would be as follows: —

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