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    THE Journal of Physiology for July contains:—Note on the cause of the fir.—t sound of the heart, by G. F. Yeo and J. Barrett.—An experimental investigation to ascertain the action of veratiia on a cardiac contraction, by S. Ringer (plate 2).— Concerning the action of small quantities of calcium, sodium, and potassium salts upon the vitality and function of contractile tissue and the cuticular cells of fishes, by S. Ringer and D. W. Burton.—A study of the action of the depressor nerve, and a consideration of the effect of blood-pressure upon the heart regarded as a sensory organ, by H. Sewall and D. W. Steiner (plate 3).—On secondary and tertiary degenerations in the spinal cord of the dog, by C. S. Sherrington (plates 4 and 5).—On the structure and rhythm of the heart in fishes, with especial reference to the heart of the eel, by S. A. M'William (plate 6). —The innervation of the heart of the Slider terrapin (Pseudemys tuosa), by J. Wesley Mills.—Note on (he sound accompanying the single contraction of skeletal muscle, by E. F. Herroun and G. F. Yeo.

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