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    THE work done by Lieut. Wissmann in his exploration of the Kassai River, the great southern tributary of the Congo, is second in importace only to the discovery of the Congo itself. It will seriously modify the conjectural geography of that part of Africa. He found the river to be of immense volume, and navigable from its junction with the Lulua. He found the Sankuru and the Lubilash to be one river, which, instead of flowing northwards to the Congo, turns westwards, and joins the Kassai. As it approaches the Congo Kassai receives the great Koango, and enters the main river by the Kwamouth, after receiving the water of Lake Leopold. Thus the river which on Stanley's last map joins the Congo west of Stanley Falls cannot be the Lubilash, and, moreover, must be of no great length. This discovery of Lieut. Wissmann, along with that of the Mobangi by Mr. Grenfell, greatly increases the navigable waterway of the Congo system.

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