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    REPORTS Fifth Report of the Committee, consisting of Mr. R Etheridge, Mr. Thomas Gray, and Prof. John Milne (Secretary), appointed for the purpose of investigating the Earthquake Phenomena of Japan. (Drawn up by the Secretary).—On account of an excursion which I have the intention of making during the coming summer to Australia and New Zealand, I am compelled to draw up this report a month earlier than usual. As the only time when the work of attending to observations and experiments repays itself is during the winter months, I may safely say that my intention of shortening the time usually devoted to earthquake observations is not likely to involve any serious loss. The number of earthquakes felt during corresponding periods in two previous years and this last year were respectively twenty-six, thirty-nine, and eighty, and not only have the earthquakes been numerous, but some of them have been pretty stiff, as is testified by the fact that on several occasions chimneys fell and walls were cracked. The work done during the last year is briefly as follows:—

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