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THE shocks of earthquake in Cashmere continue with unabated violence and even appear to increase in frequency and force. Three severe shocks occurred during the night of the 13th and a smart convulsion on the morning of the 14th. It is now ascertained that 2281 lives were lost in the Muzzafferabad district, where at first it was thought there had been no casualties. The earthquake was also felt in Gilghit. Another very severe shock at Baramulla on the 17th demolished all the buildings which escaped former shocks. At Skardo on the 14th and at Srinugur on the 17th, 18th, and 10th, shocks were felt. In the Kamraj district the loss of life exceeds 2700. The Jheelum Valley, from Srinugur to Dopatta, appears to have suffered most. It is stated that both sides of the river from Sopur to Baramula have been seared with cracks, as also the low alluvial hills in the vicinity. The available data fix the centre of the disturbance in the vicinity of Gurais. It thus appears that in extent and amount of destruction the Cashmere earthquake must rank amongst the great seismic catastrophes of the century.

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