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The “Comma-Shaped Bacillus,” Alleged to be the Cause of Cholera 1


    WITH a view of studying the phase which the cholera question has now entered upon, in consequence of the publication of the results of the investigations of the German Cholera Commission in Egypt and India, I availed myself of the opportunity which the present vacation at the Army Medical School afforded of proceeding to Marseilles, where the disease has been prevalent since the end of June. Sir Joseph Fayrer was so kind as to enlist for me the valuable assistance of Dr. Le Roy de Méricourt, Médecin en Chef of the French Navy, who in various ways did his utmost to further my wishes. Dr. Marroin, the Chief of the Sanitary Department in Marseilles, was so good as to introduce me to the authorities of the Pharo Hospital, where the cholera cases are treated, and where, with the permission of the principal medical officer, Dr. Trastour, I was able to renew my acquaintance with the disease, and to collect material for studying afresh the microscopy of the intestinal discharges.

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