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    SYDNEY Royal Society of New South Wales, July 2.—H. C. Russell, B.A., F.R.A.S., President, in the chair.—Six new members were elected, fifty-four donations received, and the following papers read:—Notes on gold, viz. (1) a remarkable occurrence of nearly pure gold in Queensland, being 99.7 of gold, the rest copper, with a trace of iron, found in quartz and stalactites of brown hæmatite; (2) preparation of pure gold; (3) volatilisation of gold, by A. Leibius, Ph.D., M.A.—Notes on minerals new to New South Wales, by Prof. Liversidge, F.R.S., accompanied by specimens. Remarkable concretions of friable iron pyrites containing septa of quartz, resembling in appearance the well-known “septaria” of the London Clay, large crystals of axinite, idocrase in association with grossularite from Nundle, tourmaline in large prisms resembling the celebrated Bovey Tracey forms, Scheelite, molybdenum ochre, antimonite containing native gold from near Armidale, and allophane, serving as a matrix for native copper, Blayney.—On the oven-mounds of the aborigines in Victoria, by the Rev. Peter MacPherson, M.A. The situations, sizes, and structure (internal and external) of these aboriginal relics were considered, and measurements given. The cooking oven, or smaller portion of the mound, was specially investigated. Besides the more common contents, namely, ashes, charcoal, and stones, human remains were sometimes found. Where no timber existed, a kind of turf and coarse grass were used as fuel. Circles of stones girdling the mound were described. So far as appeared, no very high antiquity was required to account for the mounds.—Mr. W. Neill exhibited some very rich specimens of gold in quartz and mispickel from the new mine Wahaup, East Ballarat.

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