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    THERE is not the least doubt that in English laboratories theory does not occupy a prominent position. Prof. Ramsay is to be complimented on this very small book, which is certainly a valuable attempt to put chemical theory on a practical basis. It consists of a series of exercises on the measurement of temperature, pressure, and weight in connection with gases, &c., and contains very valuable directions and instructions in the manner of reading thermometers and barometers, and representing changes by curves, and also in the graduation of thermometers and other instruments in common use in the chemical laboratory, a work which should not be relegated entirely to a physical laboratory. The work is divided into twelve chapters, in all of which we have very excellent practical exercises on what is commonly known as chemical theories, that is, the sensity of gases, the law of Gay Lussac and Avogadro, on quantivalence, specific heat, and the equivalents of metals, and a short chapter summarising Newlands' work on the periodic law of the elements. We can strongly commend this little book to all students in chemical laboratories.

    Experimental Proofs of Chemical Theory for Beginners.

    By Prof. Ramsay. (London: Macmillan, 1884.)

    The Discovery of the Periodic Law, and on Relations among the Atomic Weights.

    By John A. R. Newlands. (London: Spon, 1884.)

    Chemical Analysis as applied to the Examination of Pharmaceutical Chemicals.

    By Messrs. Hoffmann Power. Third Edition. (London: Churchill, 1884.)

    Chemical Analysis, for Schools and Science Classes.

    By A. H. Scott-White. (London: Laurie, 1884.)

    Facts Around Us.

    By C. Lloyd Morgan. (London: Stanford, 1884.)

    Science of Food.

    A Text-book specially adapted for those who are preparing for the Government Examinations in Domestic Economy. By L. M. C.. (London: George Bell and Sons, 1884.)

    An Outline of Qualitative Analysis for Beginners.

    By J. T. Stoddard. Massachusetts, 1883.)

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